The Graduation Series

The next step towards master after completing the Bob series.

“Learn the rules before you break the rules”

Are you practicing to improve and increase you value behind the chair?

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Value - The Graduation Series:  Why should I do this?

You believe in discipline, a strong guideline that produces a great silhouette. You know that a strong technique allows you to work smarter not harder, efficient not rushing, relaxed not stressed, it’s all about great technique, it’s all about perfect practice.

  • Mastery

    Learn how to master 8 classic graduations recreate the looks on 2 mannequin heads following along with Vivienne and the interns.

  • Variety

    Learn how to create variety of design with round square, light and heavy graduation so that you never get bored offering something new to your clients.

  • Efficiency

    Learn to cut a small amount of hair cut off, and create a totally new shape.

  • Service

    When you next have a client say I want a new look but only cut off an inch, you will be able to do this!!

  • Confidence

    Learn how to catch a mistake before it compounds – be in control.

  • Client Retention

    Being able to give your clients what they want creates loyalty and increases your earning potential.

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Stay ahead of the competition!

If you can't give your clients what they want, they will find someone who will. The industry is super competitive and your competition is constantly adding new skills and services. You need to as well!

How It Works

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We call it MONDAY MORNING FEEDBACK, and it's the next best thing to having Vivienne Mackinder as your personal trainer. You send in photos of your work and our art team evaluates them and provides effective guidance to help you achieve perfect results.

Monday Morning Feedback Sample


100% Risk Free!

If you are not completely satisfied with the course, cancel within the first 7 days and you will not be charged.