The Bobs Series

This 8-week course features 8 Dynamic Bobs, delivered to you 1 per week.

Watch Vivienne demonstrate perfect practice then coach her interns through each lesson, revealing some common challenges that stylists face when cutting bobs. Follow along step-by-step, with the interns, watch, pause, practice and then photo journal your work and post to HDTV for feedback. I month review time included for a total of 12 weeks.

The Bob Series…
Why should I do this?

  1.  Learn how to master the bob 8 cuts on 2 mannequin heads.

  2. Learn how to create variety of design with this classic bob line, sothat you never get bored with a bob.

  3. Learn to cut a small amount of hair cut off, and create a totally new shape!

  4. When you next have a client say I want a new look but only cut off an inch, you will be able to do this!


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