Pump Up The Volume Color Course

Pump Up The Volume is a unique course in color consultation and application. You will learn how to use the consultation tools to turn every client into a color client. Empower your staff to do winning consultations with facial framing. This 8-Week Course includes 8 weeks of study tutorials with an additional 8 weeks for review and practice.

What Is The Course?

Vivienne Mackinder delivers another groundbreaking product for stylists and clients alike on HairDesignerTV.in (HDTV). “PUMP UP THE VOLUME” includes 8 color lessons that roll out over 8 weeks with another 8 weeks for review, plus, an in-depth instructional on the Art of the Consultation, with the focus on facial framing through, of course, color!

You’ll go through 8 color lessons with Brian Redman, Portfolio Artist at L’Oreal Professional. You’ll watch and learn as Brian portrays the teacher and Vivienne the student, asking all the questions you could possibly think of.

Finally, Vivienne instructs the stylist on how to conduct a winning consultation. There is a PDF manual for download included. This section of the bundle promises to increase your client retention while increasing your bottom line. You will learn the secrets to correct color choices for your clients in addition to providing additional services your client didn’t even know were an option through a thorough consultation.

Investment $125.00

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