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16 variations in layered hair cuts, techniques include: scissors, razor cutting, and finishing techniques.– on your desktop and your mobile.



Layers offer movement and softness to the features, while straight severe lines can age and harden the face. This is why layers are the most commercial and popular of all salon techniques. Enjoy the layered series in all its variations. Expand your repertoire with these salon friendly designs.


  1. Watch Vivienne's version of cut first.
  2. Print out the step by step.
  3. Then watch the interns on camera (from our mentorship program) being coached by Vivienne Mackinder.

Vivienne Demonstrates

  • California

    This is a timeless classic that shows how to control and retain long layers, while creating lightness and texture.

  • Miami

    Razor cut with very short layers blending into a soft veil. Learn how to create valleys and peaks with the light touch of the razor.

  • Madison

    Soft abstract layers. This timeless classic has proven to be versatile and adaptable, suiting many clients and lifestyles.

  • Boston

    A razor cut showing a disconnected long fringe layering over short choppy layers, extremely versatile.

  • Hollywood

    This lesson demonstrates the art of soft razor layering, a wearable style that will build your client base.

  • Tribeca

    This soft razor cut features a commercial, short layered shape. Discover its versatility for numerous styling options.

  • London

    Learn how to master the razor by creating a soft, feminine texture and outline shape, all in one step.

  • Marlow

    This classic round layered shape follows the contour of the head and can be worn many different ways.


  • 7 additional videos showing the basic razor techniques
  • Downloadable look-books featuring short, medium and long layered styles

    Interns Replicate

    • California

      Cicily overcomes problems with maintaining rhythm and continuity through the haircut and stepping back to see the big picture.

    • Miami

      Valerie discovers the importance of classic razor technique, proper hand positioning and movement using long, smooth strokes.

    • Madison

      Tara battles to overcome and undo some bad habits picked up along the way and learns the importance of seeing the whole picture.

    • Boston

      Joseph deals with challenges related to body positioning, angles and balance to maintain symmetry throughout the hairstyle.

    • Hollywood

      Adam makes a big breakthrough in following a blunt guide line and not overworking the hair or himself in the finishing.

    • Tribeca

      Salvatore faces some common challenges in razor work, using the thumb for a light touch and a smoother and softer movement.

    • London

      Cindy faces some common challenges in razor work, specifically the tendency to push the hair as opposed to gliding.

    • Marlow

      Charles discovers many new insights to refining his technique, hand movements, cross-checking and consistency.



    • Here you will see and learn about the most common mistakes and challenges that stylists have in layering.
    • How to control weight
    • How to reduce weight
    • How to retain weight
    • Why layer from inside out
    • Why layer from outside in
    •  When to razor and when to use scissors
    •  Cross checking for balance
    •  How to avoid over checking and losing the shape
    •  How to see and understand length width and depth in your designs
    •  The importance of focal points
    •  The best solution for making your haircut the same on both sides
    •  Facial framing
    •  What to do when it goes wrong!

    The Difference That Makes The Difference!

    We call it Monday Morning Feedback and it's like having Vivienne Mackinder as you personal coach. You upload photos of your work to us and a member of our team reviews the work and provides insights on what you did well and how to improve upon what challenged you. This unique service sets HairDesignerTV apart from all other online educational systems, as we bridge virtual learning with personal individual guidance.


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    "The education, inspiration and creativity that Vivienne shared has changed my life. Her system of teaching is simple, yet it brings a new level of understanding to the art of hairdressing. Learning everything from Vivienne provided me with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.”

    Anthony Marsalese
    Antonino Salon

    “Wow!! certainly a whirlwind journey, I'm totally enjoying every moment. Each week I am faced with lots of new challenges! Vivienne you are amazing! So inspiring and knowledgeable. I consider myself blessed for this opportunity! You are the expert of influence. I love the saying 'People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care', so true and so powerful! You mentioned my coloring and cutting, everything you have seen is my work. I am so honored to be graded by you, Vivienne. I can sit and listen to you correct my work, making me want to be better the next week. Every week is a new and exciting challenge.”

    Elaine Kelloway
    Elaine's Hair Design

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