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World renowned hairstylist Vivienne Mackinder has condensed more than 30 years of her knowledge and experience into a comprehensive and highly-accessible educational series.

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  • Technical

    In Technical you will learn, practice and master the skills and methodology of hairdressing and practical application of those skills. You will learn the how but you will also learn why, as design principles, and the importance of understanding shape and architecture are integral part of these lessons. Watch tutorials on Fundamentals, Cut, Color, Dresswork and Menswork™ by American Crew. We recommend viewing each tutorial 3 times, download and study the printable PDF file that accompanies the lesson and then replicate the technique from the lesson on a mannequin head. Photograph your work and document your progress by keeping a personal portfolio.

  • Inspiration

    In Inspiration we bring you a collection of films to inspire you. Learn from the iconic masters of the craft in the I’m Not Just a Hairdresser series. Discover the world of editorial hairdressing in the Behind the Scenes section and experience industry events in Hairshows. Fun Films is a collection of amusing and humorous clips and History of Hair will inspire you with the origins of modern hairdressing. Watch full length episodes of VivTV, our 1 hours webshow featuring a mix of demonstrations, interviews and editorial collections, on demand.

  • Success

    In Success go beyond the technical skills learned in Technical and explore the business side of hairdressing. Learn from some of the most successful people in the industry. Listen to interviews in HDTV Radio, hear from iconic artists in Celebrity Hairstylists and learn from elite salon owners and trendsetters in the Business lounge. Visit the Mastermind Series section to explore leadership principles in this exciting new venture in partnership with best-selling author and leadership expert John Maxwell Ph,D.

The convenience of bringing Vivienne and guests into your living room any time of day is by far the most incredible and cost effective way to learn the latest in hair, color and styling, no matter what part of the world you live in. This is a must for any hairstylist who wants to learn not only cutting and coloring, but also the “ART of HAIRDRESSING.” Thank you Vivienne for sharing your beautiful hands so generously with the rest of us. You’ve got the Midas touch.

Marjorie Clarke, Recent North American Hairstyling Awards and Contessa Award winner
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INVESTMENT $19.95 per month

What We Have For You

  •  Over 100 video tutorials in cut, color and dress work
  • 42 video tutorials on Mens Styling.
  • Step-by-step printouts
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to VivTV archive.
  • Guest interviews with celebrity hairstylists and business experts
  • The “I’m Not Just A Hairdresser” film series
  • Virtual hair shows
  • Behind the scenes mini documentaries
  • HDTV Radio
  • A tight-knit online community

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